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Service and technical support
Product Solutions Free to provide users with product selection guidance and recommendations, covering the Electric motor, water pumps, automotive engines and other industries.
To provide customers with the correct installation methods and use common sense, actively participate in assisting users of new products and special structural performance requirements of product development and manufacturing, through our value-added services can help you:
Increase productivity
Lower development costs
Shorten time to market
Increase the price advantage of the product
Service Tenet
Anxious users of the urgency of the users want to think, always uphold the principle of user first.
Service Content
A, visit users regularly, consult users.
B, on-site guidance product installation and correct use.
C, for the user's needs for technical exchanges and training.
D, collect and collate the development trend of the industry in time to provide customers with forward-looking suggestions and solutions.
E, for the customer's product performance and quality of special requirements to provide targeted design solutions.
F, timely treatment to solve the problem of quality, so that there is a reply, there are plans, there are measures, there are results, the need to solve the problem is not resolved, the customer is not satisfied with the service personnel should not leave the scene.

G, reasonable use of monitoring equipment to provide customers with some necessary services.

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