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Corporate culture

Establishment of enterprise culture system

JinFa was founded in 1999. At the beginning of its establishment, it has built its own corporate culture. After more than ten years of grinding, it has formed a strong will and a unique style of cohesion. The connotation of corporate culture is as follows:

Mission: expand national industry instead of imported bearings

The historical mission of the national bearing industry should not be forgotten in advance. To replace the imported bearing and strengthen the national industry is the consistent pursuit of the enterprisers. Since the founding of the company, with perseverance and the spirit of courage to innovate, continue to tackle key technologies, enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises, determined to work with China's bearing enterprises to create a brilliant new century of China's bearing industry, China as soon as possible to become a world bearing manufacturing power to make its own contribution!

Vision: becoming China's first brand in the field of bearings

Dedicated to its simultaneous development and development of product development services, advanced, reliable, stable product quality services, integrity-based whole-course credit services, one-step customer service, a variety of ancillary services, the comprehensive cost of reasonable price services, on-time delivery service, etc., constantly meet customer needs. Win the trust of customers and strive to build the first brand in China's bearing field.

Core values: dedication, initiative, collaboration and learning

Dedication: a responsible attitude towards what you are doing. In the field of work activities, we should strictly observe professional ethics, foster the sense of responsibility and enterprising spirit of the masters, pursue lofty professional ideals, and cultivate a conscientious, conscientious and Excellence-Seeking attitude.

Enterprising: go all the way and make progress. Enterprising is a kind of upward spirit, enterprising to obtain brilliant life, enterprising means to transcend mediocrity, enterprising should be a lifelong thing.

Collaboration: refers to the collaboration and cooperation between departments, individuals and individuals in the process of target implementation.

Learning: Learning is the most critical component of the core competence system and the ultimate source of competitive advantage. Employees need to update their knowledge through organizational learning and self-learning, maintain the innovation ability of enterprises, and improve organizational efficiency.

High-level leaders attach importance to the construction of corporate culture, and form an organizational form of collaborative cultural communication with the leadership of the management department and the participation of the heads of departments. With the mission, vision and core values as the core concepts, they have constructed a corporate culture system including four levels of concept, system, behavior and material, which is propagated to all relevant parties to promote its full development. Understand the culture of entry.
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